Linda Wells Brown rescued my hair! I first began going to her five years ago. At the time, I had just delivered a baby and was experiencing drastic and unfamiliar changes in my hair. I had spent the past year observing Linda in action. My former hairdresser worked in the same salon as Linda and after he moved away from Charlotte, I anxiously made my first appointment with Linda Wells Brown.
At that time, I needed someone knowledgeable about hair restoration. I did find that in Linda but I also discovered an excellent stylist and someone who is knowledgeable about many different hair types. No longer do I have to maintain two different hairdressers; one who is my stylist and another who does my chemical processes, for example. Linda's hair care experience is broad, deep and always up-to-date.

Our Company 

In Home Hair Care is a privately owned and professionally managed company providing a wide range of salon services for men, women and children of all ages. Our company specifically caters to the homebound and physically challenged client with extended care to Hospitals, Rehabilitation Facilities, Residential Care Homes, Nursing Homes, Senior Communities and Private Residences. We boast two decades of experience in the salon and beauty industry providing our customer's with loyalty and satisfaction.

Our Mission

Our love, commitment, and compassion to serve those with special needs shall continue to be the driving force of our company's passion. Our goal is to offer the highest standard of quality, reliability, and superior service to each of our customers.

Meet Our CEO

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In Home Hair Care is the brainchild of Linda Wells-Brown, an Ohio native and veteran with more than 20 years experience in the Beauty Industry. Linda discovered a childhood passion for beauty and fashion with a special interest in hair care. By attending cosmetology school and graduating at the top of her class excelling in both theory and practical applications, Linda developed the necessary skills to establish herself as one of the best in the business. Linda’s success over two decades includes ownership of several successful salons with outstanding achievements in performance and customer relations. Her salon ownership experience gave way to the recognition that salons are not equipped to accommodate the  physically challenged client, nor can those who are homebound visit salons. Thus, she launched In Home Hair Care. Linda’s entrepreneurial spirit and visionary business savvy are combined with her humanitarian nature making In Home Hair Care a pioneer in servicing a previously unmet need for all homebound and physically challenged individuals. Read my Blog..





I met Linda Wells Brown 3 years ago. At that time I was going to another stylist within the salon which Linda worked. One day my regular stylist was unavailable and I decided to try Linda, my hair when finished was absolutely beautiful. The experience I had with Linda changed my life. Needless to say, I never returned to my former stylist. I decided to stay with Linda and have remained with her the entire 3 years. I can’t imagine going anywhere else. Linda is a phenomenal stylist and as a result, my hair has grown more beautiful each year. As a matter of fact, I get compliments all the time, especially about my color. I have personally experienced Linda as a business owner and can honestly say she is firm, fair and consistent. She is also flexible and can adapt well to change. I love Linda as a stylist and friend and must say that she has an excellent intellect and is an extraordinary person overall. I admire her for stepping out on faith to build a needed and highly successful business. She is a rock star in this industry with a lot of experience and knowledge. Linda’s drive and determination to succeed in business is an inspiration for many and I am very proud of her accomplishments.
Elaine Stevens, PhD
Charlotte, NC

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