Who is an IHHC Sponsor?

Sponsors whether corporate or individual, represent the lifeline of our Angel organizations and partner facilities. They are the generous companies and individuals who sponsor our Angels and hence allow us to provide salon services to individuals who are homebound or in a facility due to sickness, age, or circumstance. We call these our  and friends.


How Can I become a Sponsor?

You may become a sponser by simply deciding to support an organization or facility. By doing so, you are helping IHHC provide salon services for our Angels who may otherwise be unable to enjoy them.

As we expand our corporate and individual sponsor partnerships, it will enable us to expand our Angel organizations as well. Should you know a corporation or individual who may be interested in supporting our Angels, please feel free to email us or, contact us directly. Individual or Corporate sponsors may also donate directly from our website.


Sponsor Benefits

Companies and organizations that join as sponsors of IHHC
can expect to receive extensive recognition through the following customized
  • Recognition on our website as a Corporate Sponsor of IHHC
  • Cross branding with our featured partner organizations
  • Brand awareness and visibility in select medical facilities
  • Direct client marketing


IHHC Sponsor Acknowledgement
Thank you partners and friends for making a difference in the lives of our Angels by helping IHHC provide salon services to individuals who are unable to visit the salon. In doing so, we together help our angels have a much needed healthier self esteem along with better emotional, physical and psychological vigor. When our Angels look good they feel good which supports their overall health, vitality and well-being.


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